Based in Stockholm, Sweden, EYTYS, pronounced "Eighties," emerged in 2013, founded by the visionary Creative Director Max Schiller. The genesis of EYTYS was rooted in Schiller's quest to introduce plimsoll sneakers with bold proportions, an audacious departure from the offerings prevalent in the market at the time. This initial desire to defy footwear norms expanded into a diverse repertoire, encompassing baggy jeans in 2017 and culminating in a full ready-to-wear collection unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in 2019. EYTYS is a testament to the belief in refining and elevating classics, seamlessly adapting them to a contemporary context.

The brand's unisex collections are a manifestation of exploring bold proportions while upholding the tenets of traditional quality and craftsmanship. Within the designs conceived by EYTYS, there lies a harmonious dance between the avant-garde and timeless aesthetics, a celebration of fashion that transcends gender norms. EYTYS not only challenges the conventions of design but does so with an unwavering commitment to creating pieces that resonate with a diverse and discerning audience.