We strive to create a space for all to feel welcomed and inspired. Within our ethos we carry a deep passion for connection and embrace with the human spirit. Each brand we carry and represent at BY.E is part of the family, thus apart of the story we are trying to tell. It is our hope you see a little bit of yourself represented in some capacity within our space and if it is not yet – it will be soon.

            Additionally, we are working towards a sustainable future. We would like to convey this is not in attempt to join some trend of “ethical” or “eco-friendly” advertising. Since opening our doors on the Plaza District of Oklahoma City in 2018, it has been a goal of ours to work closely with brands and designers who monitor their production closely making sure they are producing high-quality garments in certified factories by well paid workers. Furthermore, our in-house label is all produced in the USA and usually processed i.e dyed, printed, or embroidered all within our collective in-house production team.

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Where to find us!

1708 NW 16th Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106