Perks & Mini

     Perks and Mini is a fluid label that has no ceiling to what they can create and who they can collaborate with. The label's co-founders, Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey, established P.A.M. in the year 2000, while they were residing in Australia. The name originated from both of the co-founders' formerly used graffiti tags, "Perks" and "Mini". The sense of community is the most important aspect of P.A.M, for the label constantly works with artists and communities that vary, from fine art galleries, publishing magazines, and hosting live music events. P.A.M. has been able to create a dialogue through fashion and has worked with brands like, Nike, Undercover, Vault by Vans, and Year0001. Through the longevity of the brand's existence, they have created a global cult following from the diversity of the brand's fun graphic designs and collaborations. P.A.M. has recently relocated their headquarters to Paris, in 2015, and have products being stocked all over the world.