Christian is a friend, producer, juicer and a librarian of sample knowledge. Always floating through the community with a smile, Christian warms the atmosphere in the cooling fall with VOL. IV of BY.SESSIONS. 

What are some of your inspirations for your production?

     There is this community that creates and curates open-source programs for a device I built called a monome fates that can interface with a lot of hardware and software. I pull a lot of inspiration from different experiments community members have done. It’s fun and inspiring to manipulate these programs to create something self-generative. I like making a lot of weird noise, ambient stuff. So to create a patch and just leave it running with some ever-changing variability is what I like to do. I’ll record a lot then chop things down. There are a ton of inspiring people here in the city as well.

How’d you get into more experimental music and creation?

    I started making beats, mostly sample based, when I was 16. I got gifted a maschine pad and some software and just tried to make stuff similar to artists I was listening to at the time. A lot of SoundCloud beats at first. It’s been steady since then.

How would you describe the mix you did for the BY.SESSIONS?

     I found a bunch of cohesive things from artists I like right now. Initially there were more ambient pieces I made included but I think we changed it up the second time we recorded. I am fond of effervescent and atmospheric sounds - so anything that fits that frame I wanted to include.


Christian is wearing pieces all from The Trilogy Tapes. Check out our latest delivery here: The Trilogy Tapes