Chelsea Days is a savory bite into an indie-utopia where the sky is always dusk or dawn, the sounds of chirping birds and soft winds through trees rustles, and all the people smile in communal understanding. It has been a long time in the making for us to work together. We are thrilled to finally present Chelsea Days for VOL. IV of BY.SESSIONS.

     Chelsea Days lo-fi-alternative sound melts into an indie-rock, bedroom pop as the band’s psychedelic synesthesia begins to blur the genres like a soft Monet painting. Since the birth of Chelsea Days in 2019 the band has morphed, flipped and stretched into a 7-piece ensemble adding Brogan on Keys in 2020, Naseem on aux in 2021 and Josiah on drums for live performances in 2022 with the original members Ashton, Autumn, Ethan and Tim all still playing.  All from the flat plains of Oklahoma, the band has an understanding for southern softness that find its way into each song. With sites on a nation-wide tour, Chelsea Days has cultivated a following through limited cassette tapes, live recordings, and playing alongside some of Oklahoma’s most beloved artists.

     Their EP latest EP ‘Falling In A Dream” takes you into their dream-like world where the stars and comets are flying by as you grip onto reality, chasing the sound till you find comfort in the abyss. “She Isn’t” is a memoir to a loved one who is lost in their own thoughts, impossible to get through to them as they quietly drift in their own mind . Taking the vocals, Ashton gives us “Day to Day”, embodying the feeling of walking on feet that have both fallen asleep. Pins and needles. The dream deepens and you’re pulled to the floor of it. You start walking around and begin to forget it’s a dream. You go back-n-forth with every realization before you start to question whether it matters or not. Does it? Reaching the halfway point “It Goes” is the pivotal moment of questioning. Are their universal thoughts and intuition? Are we experiencing the same reality? What is the human experience without dreams? The spiral of “It Goes” leaves you at the end reckoning with your own interpretation of time in a dream versus time itself. Once you’ve reached the end, “Back to Sleep” happily embraces familiarity. This is a world where time sits still but the sun still rises and falls into blissful weathers that rinse you of all doubt.

Video Production: Aldo Delara

Editing Assistance: Will Hardwick

Audio Engineer: Average Ear Recording Studios

Produced by: Elyjah Monks