Behind Carne Bollente's Spring Summer 2022 Collection:

Love Wins...

"For this collection, rather than focusing on the usual 70s inspired clichés (like drugs or psychedelic art), we sought to explore common themes between this past era and ours, for better or for worse : → What remains of this sexual freedom that we talk about so much? Fertility: trendy or outdated? How to apply sexpositivity to yourself? Will insects save the world? Making love to a tree: pro and cons. Are nudes in the forest the new trend? Etc. The SS22 collection is our response to these questions that will never have only one answer. We tried to create pieces that make you want to be naked in the middle of the dunes, to go under the table, to sleep with your one-night stand, to have an orgasm on top of a mountain, to take midnight bath at noon, to flirt in the locker room and much more..." - Carne Bollente

   Our Team:

     We teamed up with our friend and longtime collaborator Seaira Hull, creative director and founder at You'llSea to capture a cuddly day-in vibing to music, making pizza and staying warm under Carne Blankets. You'llSea is a collaborative entity engaging in the curation of artists, designers, and creatives alike to find solutions to wholistic branding and design projects. Our models for this shoot are Avery Huckabee and Josiah Zumwalt. Avery is a designer specializing in graphic, web, and illustrative design. Josiah is a working musician, also working in graphic design and videography.

 A Carne Bollente Spring Short:

    The afternoon is drawing to end, the scent of the forest gently envelops you. You walked away from your group of friends who are laughing a little further. You have a few sunburns on your shoulders and a furious desire to cum. The urge is more and more present as you advance through the tall grass. You finally find the perfect place, hidden in the middle of the plain, lying on your back, the sky above you. You strain your ears to make sure you're alone and gently begin to touch yourself as you're thinking about last night. Thinking of his body excites you more and more, your movements accelerate, your breath too, you suppress a moan. In a few seconds you cum. For a few moments you forget the state of the world around you and all your worries. You feel connected to your environment, to the nature that surrounds you. You're in love with your self. Take a deep breath, love wins...

Photography in partnership with Aldo Delara

Shot in Downtown Oklahoma City.